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Join our local guides on a beginnerfriendly 3 hour tour on Breimsvatnet. And experience the west coast of Norway, with its high mountains and deep valleys from the kayak seat   


Tour description

The starting point for our 3-hour guided kayak tour is at the harbor in Breim, only 10 minutes from Byrkjelo. Here you will be greeted by our guide and get to know the group for the day. We will then plan the route, taking the wind and weather in to consideration. And after some security info, and gear adjustments we will be in our kayaks ready to explore Breimsvatnet.


On the kayak tour we'll be using tandem kayaks. These kayaks are perfect for new kayakers, as they are very stable, easy to maneuver, and at the same time quite fast. This gives us the opportunity to explore the water in a safe and efficient way. Throughout the tour you will learn about the local history and culture, while enjoying the amazing scenery the west coast of Norway provides. There will also be some local snacks from a small village on the other side of Breimsvatnet, called Kandal.


*The trip will be canceled if the participation requirement of a minimum of 2 guests is not met.

Info to our guests:

- You do not need any previous experience in kayaking. You do however need to be able to swim, though the chances of tipping the kayak is very low.

- We will provide all the necessary gear and knowledge for a safe day on the water.


- You will need warm clothing, one pair of change, waterproof jacket, sunglasses and sunscreen.

- 1 Liter of water and some snacks.

- We do not recommend big shoes meant for hiking, as it will make using the paddles in the kayak harder.

- We have a place for you to store personal belongings during the tour. 

- If you bring a camera, we recommend bringing a waterproof bag.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on:


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