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- Over fjord and mountains, from inner to outer Nordfjord
- 26-31. July. "All inclusive"

Number of days


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20 000,-

We are opening up for a very special 5-day "camp school for adults" 26-31. July with "all inclusive". The journey runs from inner to outer Nordfjord, packed with activities. 

We plan to go on the iconic mountain Eggenipa. In addition, we will paddle, sail, fish, drag nets, enjoy a fjord cruise in fast-moving boats, and much, much more!

This camp starts with two days in Gloppen with a focus on mountains and nature. 

We move on to Krokpollen Kystleir, referred to as "Nordfjord's best kept secret" by the local newspaper Fjordabladet. Here we explore coastal life to the fullest with activities on and by the sea. We are going to take a historic trip by boat, where we visit war sites from the Second World War, and we get to experience the country's 3rd largest export industry, as we stand on salmon farms. We are going under Europe's highest sea cliff, perhaps Norway's oldest trading post and much more. 

Last, but not least, we will spend the night on "the white pearl", which is a very special and exclusive small island, which we have entirely to ourselves. Here we do like the participants in 71 degrees north from 2020, and enjoy the last day with a good dinner. Maybe we can experience the sunset from the hot tub?

Information letters will be sent well in advance of the start.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email:

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