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Terms and conditions

For registration of events organized by Nordfjord Guiding, this entire document must be read and understood. When registering more than one participant, everyone must read through the section on responsibility and co-responsibility.

Responsibility and co-responsibility

By participating in activities or events in nature, there will always be a certain risk of injury and accidents. Nordfjord Guiding aims to make our events as risk-free as possible. Therefore, all our guides are trained nature guides who commit to follow our safety routines.

The guide has overall responsibility for the group during our events. Events conducted by Nordfjord Guiding must always follow the principle "journey according to ability", and it is therefore important that you think about whether you are fit to participate on the trip (Physical fitness, skills, experience, equipment, etc.). Guest are required to inform about previous / current injuries and illnesses that may affect te activity

Although the guide has the overall responsibility, the guests also have a co-responsibility and are obligated to follow the points below.

  • Follow the guide's instructions throughout the event.

  • Follow the guide's tracks unless otherwise agreed.

  • Be part of the group.

  • Stop and wait at agreed places.

Terms of arrangement

When participants have paid for the booking, the agreement between the company and the participant has started. Normally the guest is charged when booking.

Read the tour description carefully to know what’s included and not included in the price.

Nordfjord Guiding does not offer cancellation protection, travel-, or accident insurance on our activities / events.

Travel and accident insurance should be checked as this is not included in the price. Also check if this covers current activity.

All guests are obliged to inform about health problems that may be relevant for safety during the event.

Duties during arrangement

Participants attending the events through Nordfjord Guiding are obliged to follow the guide’s instructions. If this is not complied, the guide / instructor can reject the current participant(s) from the event without refund, and the agreement between Nordfjord Guiding and the participant is terminated. This also applies if lack of condition and / or equipment prevents the group from carrying out the activity according to the set plan.


Participants who leave an activity after it has started are obliged to inform the guide about this.

Change of order

If desired, the guests can request a change of date on the booking with Nordfjord Guiding. This only applies if Nordfjord Guiding manages to fulfill the request for change. If the change is more expensive than originally paid, the difference must be paid as well. If you want to change your order, please contact us on:


Nordfjord Guiding can cancel an activity at any time if there’s not enough participants registered. Nordfjord Guiding is obliged to inform customers as soon as possible, and then wishes to offer a change of date. If Nordfjord guiding is unable to offer a suitable date, the amount for the activity will be refunded.

Bad weather / conditions

If Nordfjord Guiding believes that the activity is not possible to carry out due to bad weather or other conditions, we will offer an alternative arrangement. If the participant does not accept this, the event will be canceled without refund. If Nordfjord Guiding does not find an alternative arrangement or change of date that suits the customer, the event's cost will be refunded.

Cancellation of event 

In case of cancellation, please contact us on:

  • If the guest should cancel up to 30 days before the event starts, the amount will be refunded, except for an administration fee of 10% of the activity price.

  • If canceled between 30-15 days before the activity starts, the guest must pay 20% of the activity's price.

  • If canceled between 15-7 days before the activity starts, the guest must pay 50% of the activity's price.

  • If canceled during the last 7 days before the activity day or does not show up for the activity, the participant must pay the full price of the activity.

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